Satoyama Snow




Therapy Yoga ~ Lake Hokuryu
  • April - October
  • ①2h (10am~12pm) Forest Therapy Walking : 3,300 yen ②3h (9am~12pm) Forest Therapy Walking & Yoga:6,600yen ③ 5h(9am~2pm) Forest Therapy Walking & Yoga & Picnic :15,400yen
  • Title:Forest Therapy Walk & Yoga at Heart shaped lake ” Hokuryu” Price :① 3,300yen ②6,600yen ③...
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NOZAWA ONSEN♨ Walking Tour
  • Throughout the year
  • 2,000yen/person
  • Take a stroll in the village of Nozawa Onsan with a local guide and discover this historic village!
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Iiyama SATOYAMA One-day Experience
  • Mid. May. 2023 ~ End. Oct. 2023
  • 9,500yen / person 4,300yen / under 12 yrs old
  • SATOYAMA experience! The Satoyama is the mountain and the forest which are located near the village and well-b...
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Restaurant Kamakura Village
  • Opening Late Jan ~ Late Feb
  • Reservations are required.
  • Dine inside an Igloo at Kamakura Village The Iiyama Restaurant Kamakura Village is made up of 20 Kamakura huts...
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Snowshoe hiking private guide in Shiga Kogen
  • 14 Jan. 2023 ~ 26 Mar. 2023
  • For 2 hours : 13,000yen (※3,000yen per hour after 2 hours)For 5 hours : 22,000yen 
  • Private snowshoe tours are available, and the time and course can be arranged according to your wishes. If you...
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Nozawa Onsen ♨ Snow Hike Tour
  • Jan 15 ,2023-May ,2023 (depends on snow)
  • One day:16,000yen/person Half day:9,500yen/person 
  • Start with briefing about tour itinerary, introduce gears and how to use it, then start snowhiking!! Talking a...
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That Snow Country feeling

The days of unending snow continue. Young people, tired out from shoveling the snow, begin to complain to one of the elders of the village. The old man quietly speaks: “In all the years since I was born, there hasn’t been a year when spring didn’t come.”

Along the backroads of the Shin’etsu Shizenkyo region, walls of snow two meters high and taller line the roads—this is one of the snowiest inhabited places anywhere in the world. In the deepest places, more than six meters of snow will fall; for half of the year, the world is covered in snow.

Long ago, there was a winter where so much snow covered the land that it was impossible to later raise crops. There is a unique, living culture here, born in a land where wisdom and special skills were needed to survive. When the snow kept on falling, people just continued digging, keeping their homes from being buried and eagerly awaiting the thaws of spring.

Today the lifestyle is changing, with many now working in the fields in summer and the ski areas in winter, but the local cuisine, handed down from generation to generation, is one thing that carries on unchanged.

It’s a different world when you head into Snow Country’s forests in the winter on snowshoes. It’s not just a winter activity, but a way to sense the culture, history, natural wonders and lifestyle of the region.

The Guidance of your safety to enjoy activities in nature.

There is a lot of danger that you have to pay attention during enjoying activities in the mountains, rivers, lakes and ponds etc.
Have the knowledge and experience, and be ready for any situation.
We would reccomend you to have guides who are specialized in the feild or paticipate tours.
It is necessary to keep to its field regulations, rules and manners.

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