Information that will help your visit in Shin'etsu Shizenkyo area
Where can I exchange money?
Here are the places that you can exchange money. You might need to call and make an appointment at some places. ◆ Nozawa onsen Tourism Association/USD,AUD,EUR,SGD,CNY and TWD. ◆ Yudanaka staion/ USD,AUD,EUR,SGD,CNY,TWD,KRW,HKD and THB.  ◆JR Nagano station(Nagano City tourist information center Tel026-226-5626)/USD,EUR,GBP,CNY,TWD,HKD,KRW,THB,SGD,AUD,CAD and MYR. ◆ Hachijyuni Ginko bank Tel 0120-86-8239 or 03-3246-4665(Please make a phone call or visit to order currency. It takes one day except weekends)/USD,GBP,CAD,CHF,AUD,HKD,NZD,SGD and EUR.
There is a lot of station, buildings and accommodation that you can access WiFi as well as Iiyama station. You could also purchase SIM card just in case. They are available at SAC in Iiyama station.
Where is ATM machine?
There is one at New Days convenience store in Iiyama station. There is also 7-Eleven 3 min away from Iiyama station. ATM machine at 7-Eleven takes almost every credit cards.
I want to send my luggage to airport.
Please click the website below for detail such as size and rates, and list of counters to pick up/send your luggage. http://www.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/en/personal/airport/
How is transportation like from Iiyama station?
There are variety of public transportation, car rentals and taxi from Iiyama station. Taking bus is convenient to get to Madarao kogen, Nozawa onsen and Shiga kogen. You might want to grab a taxi to Shinetsu trail and we recommend car rental if you are staying for more than a few days.
We hope these information will help you enjoy tours or activities.If there's any question, please feel free to contact us.
How to find a guide (for trekking and skiing)?
SAC is happy to help you find a perfect guide based on your preferance and request. Here are the list of availability. Cycling, Trekking, Rafting, Kayaking, Farming experience, Snowshoeing, Crosscountry skiing, Skiing and Snowboarding.
Are there any rules cycling in Japan.
With a few notable exceptions, cyclists are required to follow the same traffic rules as drivers. Cyclists ride on the left hand side of the road. Cycling on sidewalks is forbidden, except where indicated by shared sidewalk signs. You might want to just push a bike depends on the situation. It is illegal riding with a passenger. Biking under the influence of alcohol is forbidden. It is okay to ride tandem bicycle in Nagano.( It is illegal in some area)
What kind of clothes should I wear for trekking? Are they available for rent?
First of all, you should dress in a proper base, insulating, and shell layer that wick away moisture from your skin while preventing precipitation from getting you wet. We recommend you to wear long sleeve shirt, pants, gloves and trekking shoes. Rain gear are always good to have. Backpack can be very practical and trekking poles are required in some area. You might need sun screen to avoid too much sun. Don't worry in case you don't have any, they are available for rent or sale at SAC. Click for the list of rental.
I'd like to hike or go trekking. Is there anything that I should be aware of?
Please plan hiking itinerary well before your departure. ◆Permits are not usually required. Though, some places ask you to write down your name, contact information and hiking destination at the local mountain station before setting off. (Please contact SAC for procedures) ◆Things to watch out in summer/Vipers, Rhabdophis tigrinus. You also want stay away from Chinese lacquer tree (Urushi). The sap contains the allergenic compound that could cause extreme rashes.
Hiking Shinetsu trail.
Please click the website below for detail. http://www.s-trail.net/english/index.html
What should I wear for canoe, rafting and SUP(Stand Up Peddle)?
Preferably something that can get wet and bathing suits underneath. Prepare sandals that can stay on your foot, hat and sunglasses. It's always good to bring something warm to prevent cold.
What do I need to know about fishing in Japan.
When you will go fishing in fresh water, you need to buy fishing tickets from fishery co-operatives of each area. Please follow each prefectures regulations. Local guides are also great way to enjoy fishing as well as fishing pond.
Is there any sport store around?
◆Iiyama city- S-cube(10mins drive from Iiyama station), Kanamori Sports(15mins on foot from Iiyama station), BASIA in outdoor department.  ◆Nozawa onsen-Kanamori Sports, COMPASS HOUSE(bicycles and ski gear for sale).  ◆Nakano city- Matsuya Sports(10mins on foot from Nakano station), EAON.  ◆Yamanouchi city-Grandphenix store(ski wear for sale).
When is good for skiing?
Almost every ski resorts in Shinetsu Shizenkyo area are open the middle of Dec. to the end of Mar. Nozawa onsen and Shigakogen usually operate the longest period of time from Dec. to around May.
I would like to try backcountry skiing. Where should I start?
You need a guide for backcountry ski. We can introduce expart guides. Please countact SAC for further information.
You should carry a beacon, shovel and probe, and you should know how to use them. Backcountry travel requires an acceptance of the risks involved and implies a willingness to take responsibility for educating oneself about these dangers and ways to mitigate them.
Which ski resort is easy to access from Iiyama station by public transportation?
◆By bus/ Nozawa Onsen Snow Resort(it takes approx. 30min), Madarao kogen ski resort(30min), Tangram Ski Circus(50min), Togari Onsen Ski Resort(30min), Kijimadaira Ski Resort(55min), Shiga Kogen Ski Resort(1hr). ◆By train and bus/Sakae Club Ski Resort(1hr 30min)
How can I find English snowboard classes ?
Here are the information for English ski and snowboard classes around Shinetsu Shizenkyo area. Please contact SAC for further information.                               Madarao Sports Academy/North Nagano Outdoor Sports/Action Snow Sports International Snow Sports School/Nozawaonsen Ski School/Shiga International Ski School/Ryuou/Myoko Snow Sports
Do you have ski gear for rent?
Most of ski resort operate rental shop. Please check their website or contact us for detail.
Where can I rent ski?
Available for rentals/Seki Onsen Ski Resort, Kyukamura Myoko Runrun Ski Resort, Myoko Ski Park, Akakura Onsen Ski Resort, Akakura Kanko Resort Ski Area, Ikenotaira Onsen Ski Resort, Myoko Suhinohara Ski Resort, Kurohime Kogen Snow Park, Iizuna Resort Ski Area, Tangram Ski Circus, Madarao Kogen Ski Resort, Togari Onsen Ski Resort, Sakae Club Ski Resort, Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort, Iiyama Hokuryu Onsen Family Ski Resort, Kijimadaira Ski Resort, Mt.KOSHA X-JAM Takaifuji, Kita-Shiga Komaruyama Ski Resort, Ryuo Ski Park, Yakebitaiyama Ski Area, Okushigakogen Ski Area, Ichinose Diamond Ski Area, Takamagahara Mammoth Ski Area, Kumanoyu Ski Area and Yokoteyama/Shibutouge Ski Area.