About the Shin’etsu Shizenkyo Activity Center (SAC)

The outdoor professionals of the SAC are your guides to the Shin’etsu Shizenkyo

The SAC is a center that provides the information and activities to enjoy the four seasons of Shin’etsu Shizenkyo. Here are 39 ski resorts, in a region of heavy snowfall renowned throughout Japan and a favorite destination for skiers, snowboarders, snowshoeing and more. In the green season, locations such as the majestic Chikuma River, beautiful mountain plateaus and lush forests are the settings for cycling, trekking and mountain climbing, canoeing, kayaking and rafting. The SAC is here to help arrange for all these activities. The Center has a variety of equipment for rent, workshop and event spaces, outdoor goods, books and other materials for sale, and even a fitting room.


You’d like to climb a certain mountain at Shin’etsu Shizenkyo. You’ll be staying for a week; what sort of activities can you enjoy? You’d like to go biking, but what routes are recommended, and can you rent a bicycle?
The Activity Center can answer all your questions about the great outdoors in the Shin’etsu Shizenkyo area.
It can provide field information, prepare sports bike and trekking gear rentals, arrange for guides and activity tours, and more.
Feel free to stop by and discuss whatever’s on your mind!

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Equipment rental

You don’t have to worry about heading out into nature empty-handed, thanks to our equipment rental service. The Center’s location right in Iiyama Station makes it easy to get the things you need to get out and enjoy the area. Rent a bicycle, an ideal way to tour the temples or enjoy the Nanohana (field mustard) Road. We’ve also added road bikes to our selection of rental town bicycles as well, so you have the ideal ride for the trip you want to take. We also have rental equipment for trekking, Nordic walking and winter sports as well. If you have further needs as well, we will be happy to introduce other rental shops in the Shin’etsu Shizenkyo area.


Listing of rental equipment

Rental, Information, Services for Cyclists

Shinetsu Shizenkyo is great area for cyclists. One of the reasons is that we provide the best service possible by having all the necessary tools and equipment on hand all over the place. SAC is one of them. We have rental bikes as well as tubes and portable bike pumps for sale. You are always welcome to use bike racks, pumps and equipment for regular maintenance and unexpected repairs. You can also take a look at Japan Eco Track to see where and what service is available in this area. They are available in store.

Outdoor equipment sales

The SAC sells outdoor equipment, maps and other items, so you have all the items you need for a fun and safe adventure. We also sell books, unique Shin’etsu Shizenkyo area items, mobile phone SIM cards and other items in the shop area.

Basic Information

  • Open hour: 8:30 am – 6:00 pm
  • Location: On the first floor of Iiyama Station, JR Hokuriku Shinkansen
  • Address: 771-1 Iiyama, Iiyama, Nagano Japan 389-2253