Kenji Kono

Former World Cup and X Game skier, SUP and camping guide. A native of, and based in Nozawa Onsen.

“There is great snow in my hometown, Nozawa Onsen, something that draws skiers and snowboarders from around the world. The green season—spring to autumn—has always been a bigger challenge for tourism.”

“I started using a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) when I was training for skiing. When I took it out on the Chikuma River, which flows through Nozawa, I discovered a completely new side to the river, almost like I was looking in as an outsider. And I thought the beauty you see here, from the mustard blossoms in spring to the deep green forests of summer and the beautiful fall colors, would be something that would attract people to our area.”

“With some other guides, I decided that I needed to see the entire river, so in October 2015 I paddled the whole river, from the headwaters of the Chikuma to its exit in the Sea of Japan as the Shinano River, a total distance of 367 kilometers. IT’s fantastic to see the river change from a tumbling stream in the mountains, the widening river as more and more tributaries feed in, and then the major river emptying into the sea.”

“Most people won’t take this seven-day journey, of course, but anyone can enjoy this peaceful river on a visit to the area. Several canoe and rafting guide companies are here to help you enjoy this attraction that I think is unlike anything else.”

The Guidance of your safety to enjoy activities in nature.

There is a lot of danger that you have to pay attention during enjoying activities in the mountains, rivers, lakes and ponds etc.
Have the knowledge and experience, and be ready for any situation.
We would reccomend you to have guides who are specialized in the feild or paticipate tours.
It is necessary to keep to its field regulations, rules and manners.

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