Iiyama SATOYAMA One-day Experience

Iiyama SATOYAMA One-day Experience

SATOYAMA experience!

The Satoyama is the mountain and the forest which are located near the village and well-balanced coexisting with the people’s lives.
Satoyama has supported the Japanese people’s lives for many years as a place which provides vegetables, nuts, herbs, fire woods, charcoals and the source of life, water.

The Satoyama Experience is an experiential activity aiming at understanding Satoyama which gives us lots of blessings, knowledge, skills, wisdom and notice, at cultivating sensitivity to be able to enjoy the blessings of Satoyama while doing seasonal work together with an instructor making a living as a wood cutter.

Date Mid. May. 2022 ~ End. Oct. 2022
Price 8,500yen / person 4,300yen / under 12 yrs old
Inclusion Guide fee and Lunch
Deadline & Capacity 10 days before the tour.
Min. 3 persons
Max.30 persons
Meeting Place IIYAMA SATONOIE (Office Forest Design)

Time 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
*Please be there 30 minutes before the tour
Please bring Comfortable clothes and shoes for outdoor activities, gloves, hat, drinks

* Trekking shoes, rain gear, and hat are available for rent at SAC.
Tour No FD-01E
Iiyama SATOYAMA One-day Experience
  • Mid. May. 2022 ~ End. Oct. 2022
  • 8,500yen / person 4,300yen / under 12 yrs old

The Guidance of your safety to enjoy activities in nature.

There is a lot of danger that you have to pay attention during enjoying activities in the mountains, rivers, lakes and ponds etc.
Have the knowledge and experience, and be ready for any situation.
We would reccomend you to have guides who are specialized in the feild or paticipate tours.
It is necessary to keep to its field regulations, rules and manners.

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